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You can use this page to submit a complaint, review or recommendation about the service or functionality you have experienced whilst using a particular spam filtering vendor.

If your review, complaint or recommendation is genuine, you can have your review published on our site.

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Please use the contact form to send us a message.

You must provide a name; the name can be fictitious.

We will need a valid email address so that we can verify that your feedback, suggestion or message is sent from a genuine source.

Unfortunately, there is no chance that your testimony will be published without a valid email address. This is just to ensure that we can guarantee no fraudulent, false testimonies are submitted and posted.

Important If you are leaving vendor feedback, you must enter the name of the domain that used the filtering providers service; this will help us confirm that the Domain, was at some stage, using the providers service and we can guarantee no fraudulent, false statements are submitted and posted, as we're not that kind of site. (We will perform a precautionary DNS, MX record history check)

We will NEVER post your contact address, we will NEVER post the Domain name used for filtering on our site and we will NEVER sell your details on which some organizations do for data mining purposes. We will only ever post your username and statement.

We may contact the service provider and ask for their comments on the testimony, should the testimony be negative, as it’s only fair that the provider be able to respond to the testimony via a post and we may ask you then, if we may share your contact details with the vendor to seek a solution to the issue.

If any of your comments are unclear, we may on very rare occasions, contact you to obtain clarification.

Thank You.