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Posted: September 9th, 2017 at 12:00 UTC

Updated: Feb 17th, 2019 at 9:00 UTC

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Customer Review Rating: +2

Functionality Rating: 4.9

Real Time Rating Tab: 4.9

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About SpamTitan and its Features


Adjustable spam scoring option if you feel that the filtering is too aggressive or too lenient.

Optional virus scanning behaviour: quarantined, pass through with appended tag , reject.

When viewing quarnatined emails from the console, email that have been captured as spam, virus etc : you have the ability to view simple email specifics such as date, envelope address, recipient, size etc; but in addition you also have an additional 4 tabs for each email providing a full HTML body view, an option to view the entire SMTP protocol header and an additional option to release and whitelist the captured email.

Please be advised that many filtering providers simply do not possess the functionality for admins to view the full body of a captured and quarantined email. This simple function makes things a lot easier for users to assess if the captured email is a false positive, cutting out the need to raise continual support tickets querying the validility of capture emails and thus saving precious time.

There are some really useful automated report building features, which admins will find incredibly useful to measure inbound mail flow metrics: Some of the most well known and most popular hosted spam filtering software we have assessed, simply do not have such functionality available, so this product is by no means inferior to other global players in the sector.

Quarantine reports:

It is also possible to set the scope of items displayed in quarantine reports to show all emails captured and still residing in quarantine since sign up inception or alternatively show items captured since the last scheduled spam reports. This is also a neat functionality which is quite unique in comparison to other filtering providers.


The control panel is full HTML and so can be used navigated using mobile devices or/and static machines.

The admin console layout is in some ways similar to the end of life MX logic / McAffee product, so if you’re familiar with Mcaffee your going to find it really simple to navigate.

All in all, SpamTitan is a very stable, clean platform with many additional features which makes an admins life a lot easier to manage user expectations.

It is our comparative opinion that SpamTitans system is extremely under-rated as it's clean, accurate and functionality full features certainly exceed and surpass some of the most well know Products on the market today.

Additional Products:

Email archiving & web filtering


Currently no link re-writing functionality, but the accuracy of filtering somewhat mitigates this.

Our Work

SpamTitan have been awarded a 4.9 functionality rating and a 4.9 Real Time emulation rating.

We preformed a Real Time emulation set up without the vendor being aware on the 1st September 2017, to assess how difficult or easy it would be for a new company or user attempting to sign up and configure SpamTitans system.

The set up was really simple and on-screen instructions and email set up instructions were received almost immediately, which meant that any room for mis-configuration was mitigated.

We hit the vendors Website trial set up form at 19:52 UTC on the 1st Septemeber and completed and confirmed full mail flow by 20:05 UTC, a total sign up to mail flow period of 13 minutes. 13 minutes is extremely good considering the we had a previously MX record TTL of 5 minutes, so there is a reasonable likelyhood that, if the domains TTL had previously been set to a lower TTL, the set up would have been even quicker.

Full Timestamps of the set up can be viewed under the 'Real Time' section

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  Inbound - Outbound Malware scanning
  Attachment Content scanning
  Admin customized rules engine
  Content link rewriting
  Adjustable Size Restriction

  Mobile Friendly Portal
  Quarantine Access
  End User Quarantine Reports
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  Compliance Policy Breach Alerts
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