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What do you get: You get a massive opportunity to reach our readers by having a branded page that enables you to request page design, colour format, your logo, your own imagery, embedded social media streams and once a reader likes what they see, they can follow the link straight to your site or sign up page ; without a branded page, that’s simply not possible.

Why not try to boost your sales today.

As an additional extra, you can also tell us about any additional products you provide and have those products advertised within your page and link back to your own site.

The only thing that will remain within the page content is the functionality review rating and the phased icon menu depicting functionality, company information and end users reviews.

We are very flexible and open to suggestions about how you would like your page formatted and any addition of any extras, so please let us know.

Essentially you will have an additional, bespoke external entity, displaying your products by offering a direct click through link to your Website, services and products.

Our charge: We charge a monthly flat fee. Sign up and get a third party sponsored Webpage.

Important: Once you complete the provider form, the information will be converted to an email and sent to Spam Filter Reviews. You too will receive a copy of the Web form request sent via email, so please ensure that you provide a genuine email address.

We will review your request and respond as quickly as possible, with page branding requirements, e.g.: Logo size, Banner image size, a list of your external URLs that you would like inserted / linked to your site

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