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Posted: May 3rd, 2017 at 10:00 UTC

Updated: March 3rd, 2018 at 10:10 UTC

Customer Review Rating: 0

Functionality Rating: 4.0

Real Time Rating: 0

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About ProofPoint

Proofpoint is an international hosted email security provider; with offices spanning the globe, providing cloud junk blocking services, hosted archiving and continuity / email rescue services.

Proofpoint experienced a large influx of additional customers in 2016 - 2017, when McAfee - MX Logic advised its existing customers that Proofpoint was the advised alternative spam filtering service provider at McAfee's - MX Logic's EOL (End of Life).

We cannot rate ProofPoint any higher in the functionality score, without being able to access a trial and unfortunately ProofPoints UK partner (Spambrella) declined a trial and we simply cant justify a higher rating without having access to the product as a customer would, which is regrettable for our readers.

Other organizations do offer a free trial period and we have performed a multitude of real time set up emulations, which you can view on our additional review pages.

Our work so far

We have accumulated all possible data in relation to Proofpoints core filtering product, known as Proofpoint Essentials. We have documented proofpoints system functionality by also comparing open documentation provided and published by Proofpoints product resellers, such as Spambrella and we present our findings in a easy to read format.

By clicking on the 'Data' section you can also view a vast array of server technical data and company office locations.

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  Diverse Geo Located Data Centers
  Inbound - Outbound Malware scanning
  Attachment Content scanning
  Admin customized rules engine
  Content link rewriting
  Size restriction

  Mobile Friendly Portal
  Quarantine Access
  End User Quarantine Reports
  Bulk / News Letter Filter
  Compliance Policy Breach Alerts
  PCI Compliance Templates
  PCI Compliance Rules Engine
  HIPAA Compliance Templates
  Toggle TLS