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Posted: June 6th, 2017 at 15:00 UTC

Updated: December 17th 2018 at 10:00 UTC

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Functionality Rating: 3.5

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About MX Guarddog and its features

MX Guarddog is a spam filtering provider, providing front end services from IK2 Limited to a global customer base since 2006 with fully load balanced customer MX servers diversely geo-located. MX Guarddog have company Offices in Hong Kong and the US.


MX Guarddogs system interface is clean, affective and intuitive.

The system offers 7 day mail buffering / Spooling should your Mail Server become unavailable, diverse Geo Located MTA's (Mail Transfer Agents) and both user and admin level White and Blacklists. (Allow and Deny List)

The console also support simple RegEx expressions, which is a bonus when defining domains that should be denied.

Setting up is really simple and very fast; in our set up emulation, we established Mail flow in just 4 minutes, which is very impressive and means that it doesn’t take long for system changes to be pushed out and adopted by MXGuarddogs MTA's.

MXGuarddogs system has a neat little tool that facilitates the synchronisation and harvest of users, groups etc from Microsoft AD (Active Directory), cPanel or Domino directories. In comparison to other Cloud Vendors, this option is in some cases, way ahead of the game in terms of functionality, as some vendors only provide the ability for synchronisation with Microsoft Active Directory.

MXGuarddog's system also provides Admin’s with a really useful ability to read any captured and quarantined mail in clear text. Very few providers offer this functionality and only offer the ability to view the SMTP Header data for captured or quarantined emails. Viewing the body of captured emails within quarantine allows for a better work flow and reduces unnecessary false positive support tickets.

Your users can opt to receive a Spam Report / Spam Digest up to eight times a day, which ensures that no important emails that are inadvertently captured and quarantined, are missed.


Their doesn’t seem to be an option for enforcing TLS within the system, which could put businesses off, particularly if encryption compliance is of top priority.

Unfortunately MXGuarddog does not currently provide a link rewriting facility or indeed a sand box environment.


Overall MXGuarddogs system is efficient and Spam Algorithms are accurate.

Moving forward, the system could benefit from additional features, such as sandboxing, link rewriting and a mandatory/forced TLS option which would then make the system HIPPA compliant, under the reasonable safeguards requirement.

What we've completed

We initially assessed MX Guarddog's system functionality based on available documentation on 6th June 2017 and awarded MX Guarddog a 3.0 Star functionality rating, but this initial rating was revised during a Real Time set up where we were able to see and test first hand, the full system functionality.

After re-assessment we have upgraded MX Guardians functionality review to 3.5 as the system has additional features as outlined in the below functionality section.

We performed a Real Time set up without the vendor being aware by simply hitting the site and signing up for a trial. From Web form sign up to login it was an amazing single minute and from Web form sign up to full inbound mail flow the entire process took 4 minutes, which blew us away.

All Timestamps and the full sign up flow is documented under the Real Time section.

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  Email Continuity
  Inbound - Outbound Malware scanning
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  Email content link rewritting
  Email Size Restriction
  Multi Server Types LDAP Sync

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