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Posted: May 3rd, 2017 at 15:00 UTC

Updated: March 3rd, 2018 at 09:40 UTC

Customer Review Rating: 0

Functionality Rating: 4.0

Real Time Rating: 0
No Trial Set ups: Customers unable to evaluate product before committing to contract.

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About MimeCast

MimeCast is an international hosted email security provider; with muliple company offices world wide providing hosted anti spam, hosted email archiving and email continuity / email rescue services to a global clientele.

Our Work so far

Unfortunately we were advised by MimeCast support that MimeCast do not offer trial periods such as other providers do in order for customers to assess the product before purchasing, but we have been able to obtain a great deal of system functionality through published documentation and you can view the functionality results in an icon format. Although no trial was possible and no real evaluation of MimeCast's service functionality was possible, MimeCast gained a capped, 4.0 spam filter functionality rating, as we can see that MimeCast's service is quite complete.

Unfortunately it is doubtful that the score will change, as we were told essentially that customers are unable to evaluate the product before committing to contract. In our opinion, thats a bit like going to buy an automobile, yet your not allowed to take the automobile for a test drive before you buy. We hope MimeCast will reconsider a trial in the future.

We cannot rate MimeCast any higher without being able to access a trial as we simply cant justify a higher rating without having access to the product as a customer would, which is regrettable for our readers.

Other vendors do offer a free trial period and we have performed a multitude of real time set up emulations, which you can view on our additional assessment pages.

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