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Posted: May 5th, 2017 at 09:00 UTC

Updated: February 25th, 2018 at 11:00 UTC

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Functionality Rating: 4.8

Real Time Rating Tab: 4.6

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About Hornet Security

Hornet Security is an international hosted email security provider, the head quarters being in Hanover Germany. Hornet Security provide hosted - cloud anti spam junk email filtering, hosted email archiving, email continuity / email rescue, hosted Exchange, Web filtering and Encrypted file sharing / backup services globally.

According to Hornet Securities Website, Hornet Security have around 450 reselling partners globally in 12 different countries, reselling Hornet Securities core products. Countries include the UK, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Malaysia, France, Sweden, Colombia, Switzerland.

Since our initial functionality assessment, Hornet Security have announced the release of 'ATP' which is Advanced Threat Protection, embedded link protection (URL link rewriting and Sandbox execution emulation).

Hornet Security Pro's

Hornet Security are a vendor and not a reseller, that means if you raise a support ticket, the ticket will be dealt with by the product suppliers directly, thus cutting out any third party reseller intervention which ultimately reduces ticket response times.

The set up procedure is pretty slick and swift; we experienced a total set up time of 47 Minutes from Web form completion to full mail flow.

Hornet securities system is feature rich and due to the extensive global positioning of their MTA's (Mail Transfer Agents), we would expect any new settings to take some time to deploy, but that isn’t the case; new settings are deployed very swiftly.


Logging in you will be presented with the your "Workspace" where you will be able to view a log of your mail flow in a table format.

If you want to drill down into advanced features, navigate to the "Management" tab where you can complete tasks such as adding users manually or using their neat little Active Directory Sync tool to synchronise users from your environment.

Email encryption can be configured either using TLS "At will" (opportunistic) or "Required" (Mandatory) on a domain basis, individual sender basis and configured for all inbound / outbound traffic.

Advanced Threat Protection can be activate with ease; for a small additional charge; this includes link rewriting, sandboxing and virtual execution emulation with detailed reports, real-time alerts and after the fact alerts.

Quarantine reports :

Quarantine Reports can to be sent at a maximum of 24 per day (One each hour) but user do have the ability to force generation of a quarantine report direct from their Outlook Mail client using Hornet Securities Outlook Plug-in.

Additional Products :

Email archiving, Web filtering, Outlook Plug-in, Advanced Threat Protection, RegEx Admin rules engine, File Sharing and Backup, Hosted Exchange, Free IMAP Mailboxes with Filtering

Hornet Security also provide a neat little Email Archiving App, which is available in the App Store, so that users can perform re-delivery of historically archived email, view etc. This is a great step forward for users in today’s modern mobile device driven environment as archived emails can be recalled on-demand.

Hornet Security also provide a Backup App that is also available from the App store; the App allows file synchronisation from multiple devices - for instance if you have files on your PC syncing to the cloud via the App, you can access the files directly on your mobile device and vice versus.

There’s a slight twist to the service capabilities that really propels it above any of the well known free backup versions, in that Hornet Securities version captures file versions, similar to pure file version control, which Software developers use to access a previous version of a document to regress when necessary.

Hornet Security Con's

Overall the system is extremely feature rich and mature, with many added features.

The historical version of Hornet Securities user control panel is programmed using Flash. Having said that, we can see that Hornet Security is offering an HTML control panel version, which seems to be currently in BETA release.

What we've achieved so far

We've reviewed Hornet Security junk blocker systems functionality and undertaken a 'Real Time'set up emulation with one of our own domains, so you can view exactly how smoothly and how quickly a setup would be for you. We've presented the core functionality findings in an icon format. You can view the results of the 'Real Time' spam filter setup emulation by toggling the 'Real Time' tab and you can inspect company information within the 'Data' Tab.

Update: February 3rd 2018

Hornet Security are branching out into the US.

This successful German security provider is expanding its operations into the US, with its initial US headquarter based in Pittsburgh.

Hornet Securities systems are widely proliferated throughout Europe and its reach by no means ends their, as Hornet Security has been busy providing services to Australian and South American MSP's for some years.

Update: March 3rd 2018

Check the "News !!" tab above for information on Hornet Securities new business acquisition

Hornetsecurity acquires Avira’s spam filter business

"German customers of Avira Managed E-Mail Security and Clearport customers located in the Belgium, Netherlands & Luxemburg (BeNeLux) regions are switching to the Hornetsecurity Managed Spamfilter Service

Hornetsecurity began the transition of Avira spam filter business customers today. Avira is a German vendor and highly respected industry player in the arena of anti-virus software solutions. Hornetsecurity is now further extending their leading European market position in the managed security services with this merger. Based on their company strategy moving forward, Avira has chosen to stop selling its cloud email security solution and focus on their core business of commercial antivirus products for business customers.

Avira and Clearport customers have started their changeover to Hornetsecurity’s Managed Spamfilter Service. This switch is a huge win for these customers as they now have access to Hornetsecurity’s market-leading spam detection rates and the ability to utilize the full-solution portfolio from the cloud security experts from Hannover, Germany.

To guarantee a smooth transition, Avira and Hornetsecurity have collaborated to work out the details of the technical and organizational preparations needed to move the process forward quickly and efficiently. All effected resellers were informed of the platform change before Christmas. These reseller partners were invited to participate in cost-free training webinars and then migrated automatically to Hornetsecurity’s services. A website containing information on the migration process and features of the Hornetsecurity spam filter service has been created for Avira and Cleanport partners and is available here:


This will significantly ease the conversion process for all partners and customers and they will be able to immediately start benefiting from the Hornetsecurity services.

“By taking over Cleanport and Avira Managed E-Mail Security, we made a huge step towards our goal to become the leading European provider of cloud-based email security solutions”, said Daniel Blank, CEO of Hornetsecurity. “Especially in the BeNeLux countries we will become a leading provider with this deal. Together with all new resellers we will be able to continuously increase our market share.”

„With Hornetsecurity we found a company, where we can be sure that our existing Cleanport and Avira Managed E-Mail Security partners and customers will be in very good hands”, adds Christian Milde, Vice President Strategic Alliances at Avira.

The existing sales partners of Avira services will also benefit from this new collaboration by participating in Hornetsecurity’s multilevel partner program. The program features extensive support for all sales, marketing, and technical support activities as well as active partner management that provides a mutual benefit for both sides. The highly developed product portfolio of Hornetsecurity also offers many new sales opportunities for these newly acquired reseller partners.

Hornetsecurity’s Managed Spamfilter Service not only protects the email traffic but secures it at the same time by utilizing a guaranteed 99.9% spam recognition rate and 99.99% virus recognition rate. Hornetsecurity has a market-leading spam filter solution featuring an intuitive user interface which is carefully designed to be simple and easy for administrators. Furthermore, Hornetsecurity Advanced Threat Protection offers comprehensive protection from sophisticated attacks like ransomware, CEO fraud and spearphishing that cannot be detected by traditional prevention methods.

The email archiving solution Aeternum and an encryption service complete the available service offerings."
Source: https://www.hornetsecurity.com/en/press-releases/hornetsecurity-takes-aviras-spam-filter-business Accessed: 3rd March 2018 [Online]

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