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Posted: May 5th, 2017 at 09:00 UTC

Updated: February 3rd, 2018 at 11:00 UTC

Customer Review Rating: 0

Functionality Rating: 4.8

Real Time Rating Tab: 4.6

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About Hornet Security

Hornet Security is an international hosted email security provider, the head quarters being in Germany. Hornet Security provide hosted - cloud anti spam junk email filtering, hosted email archiving, email continuity / email rescue, hosted Exchange, Webfiltering and Encrypted file sharing / backup services globally.

According to Hornet Securities Website, Hornet Security have around 450 resellling partners globally in 12 different countries, reselling Hornet Securities core products. Countries include the UK, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Malaysia, France, Sweden, Colombia and Switzerland.

What we've achieved so far

We've reviewed Hornet Security junk blocker systems functionality and undertaken a 'Real Time'set up emulation with one of our own domains, so you can view exactly how smoothly and how quickly a setup would be for you. We've presented the core functionality findings in an icon format. You can view the results of the 'Real Time' spam filter setup emulation by toggling the 'Real Time' tab and you can inspect company information within the 'Data' Tab.

Hornet Security offer additional provider services such as Encrypted file sharing, sand boxing and Hosted Exchange / Hosted Mailboxes, which can also be viewed under the 'Provider Services' tab.

Update: February 3rd 2018

Hornet Security are branching out into the US.

This successful German security provider is expanding its operations into the US, with its initial US headquarter based in Pittsburgh.

Hornet Securities systems are widely proliferated throughout Europe and its reach by no means ends their, as Hornet Security has been busy providing services to Australian and South American MSP's for some years.

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