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Posted: May 6th, 2017 at 12:25 UTC

Updated: February 10th, 2018 at 11:00 UTC

Functionality Rating: 4.4

Real Time Rating: 0 as no real time set up performed

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About The Email Laundry

The Email Laundry is an international hosted security vendor; primarily based in Ireland, providing hosted spam filtering, hosted archiving and continuity / email rescue services globally.

Email Continuity

The email laundry provides several email security services such as email continuity: A technology that automatically enables organizations and individual user to access, read and respond to emails, using an independent Web portal, even in the event of an organizations Mail Server becoming unavailable. Once your mail servers is back online, emails are synchronised back to your businesses Mail Server and corresponding Mail boxes.

The majority of businesses will appreciate that email continuity is an absolute necessity, which ensures a company’s ability to function: "Business as usual" in the event of a disaster.

Email Archiving

Additional services and technologies include: Industry standard compliant email archiving. Users have the ability to search through their own historic emails and importantly, The Email Laundry also provide an admin e-discovery portal, which helps facilitate legal compliance requests.


The Email Laundry offer a varied suite of email encryption methods.

PDF Encryption

"PDF Encryption allows you to send confidential information to anyone with 100% confidence that the email and it’s attachments are encrypted end to end. We randomly generate all passwords for PDF encryption with our Secure Encryption Gateway and send it on to the receiver through their method of choice."
Source: Accessed: 10th February 2018 [Online]

Opportunistic / When possible TLS Encryption

"Encrypts files when both the sender and receiver have TLS enabled on their servers, but will send the message unencrypted if the receiver is not TLS enabled. Opportunistic TLS Encryption is the standard for most companies and comes included with our Full Stack Email Security service."
Source: Accessed: 10th February 2018 [Online]

Enforced / Mandatory TLS Encryption

"Unlike opportunistic encryption, Enforced TLS Encryption will only send encrypted messages. If the receiver does not have TLS encryption enabled, the message will not be sent until a TLS channel is enabled."
Source: Accessed: 10th February 2018 [Online]

Encyrption via invite in secure portal

"Instead of sending the encrypted email straight to the receiver, clients can make use of our Secure Portal Encryption, allowing the receiver to safely view the email from our secure portal."
Source: Accessed: 10th February 2018 [Online]

Real Time Set Up Review

The Email Laundry decline our free trial services application, so we have been unable on this rare occasion to provide an accurate set up experience for our readers.

Other providers do offer a free trial period and we have performed a multitude of real time set up emulations, which you can view on our additional pages.

We have performed real time set up reviews on: SpamTitan, SpamHero, SpamExperts, MX Guardian, EveryCloud, MX Guarddog, Hornet Security, Manage Protect and many more to come.

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  Inbound - Outbound Malware scanning
  Attachment Content scanning
  Admin customized rules engine
  Content link rewriting
   Adjustable Size Restriction

  Mobile Friendly Portal
  Quarantine Access
  End User Quarantine Report
  Bulk Junk Blocker / News Letter Filter
  Compliance Policy Breach Alerts
  PCI Compliance Templates
  PCI Compliance Rules Engine
  HIPAA Compliance Templates
  Toggle TLS